Hello world!

The grand experiment?  Perhaps, knowing my desire to be lazy.

Good morning!  I’m an IT director for a large east coast architecture/engineering firm.  We are about two years into our Revit deployment.  I thought I would find a nice spot to throw out some of what we’ve done with good old Revit.  The highlights, the low points, everything that feels Revit-y.

I’ll post when the mood strikes.  As with anything tech, some things you will know, most I hope you’ll enjoy and make you think.  Thanks for taking the time to say ‘hi’.

Speaking of ‘hi’… I more than welcome comments, but I will be moderating them as I see fit.  I will not delete any disagreeing points, simply because they disagree, in fact I welcome the conversation.  I will immediately remove anything that looks like a personal attack or an inappropriate comment.  Thanks for playing!