Keep Your Hands Dirty

I often find that folks in an IT/CADD/BIM support role often find themselves a step or two away from some of the actual issues production folks might end up with.  It’s understandable, the economics of the situation forces us to spend time in crisis mode.  However, this shell can keep us from identifying hidden issues and truly understanding the scope of problems that our end users might find and bring to us.

With Revit, I’ve decided to attempt to keep myself a little more “in the game”.  Here and there, when I can sneak it in, I have been working on modelling our firm’s headquarters.  You have to drop it anytime someone comes in, or you get a phone call, so finding a groove is tricky, but it is definitely beneficial to discovering potential pitfalls and little gems hidden in the software.

I’ll post some of the gems and issues along the way.


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