Rotated Views

Sometimes you are going to find yourself in a situation where, darn it, you want that plan rotated.  Maybe you are working on an area of your design where the walls are not orthogonal to the project cardinal points. 

Actually, that’s probably about the only reason for a sane person to rotate a view.

This is not Project North vs. True North.  You can very easily tell a plan view to change orientation to True North in Revit.


That’s easy.  But let’s say my view is set to Project North, and my plan is looking like this…

Please don't check for code

Please don't check for code

I want to do a callout plan, but I want that view to be “parallel” to the walls.  There are two ways to do this.  First off, I need to drop my callout box on the view.

Not parallel

Not parallel

From here you can select the border of the callout, and simply use the ROTATE tool to rotate it to the angle you want.  And as we know, in Revit the border of the callout is exactly what the border of the called out view will be.

After rotate

After rotate

That’s a piece of cake.  Nice, intuitive, what you see is what you get kind of thing.  But let’s say the view you want to rotate is NOT in a callout.  This is where the second method comes in. 

The first thing is to make sure your CROP REGION is visible in the view you need to rotate.

Tiny yellow light-bulb?  Check

Tiny yellow light-bulb? Check

Then, select the crop region border, and use the rotate tool on it.


Now your entire view will be rotated, and you can work “orthogonally” based on the new orientation.

Please note some things:

  • This will NOT change your Project North or True North.
  • As far as I can tell there is no way to determine if a view has been “rotated” thusly.
  • For good model management, including the bullet above, it is recommended that you duplicate any view and rename prior to rotating.  Put a suffix on it like ” – ROTATED”.
  • It’s probably my brain, but I always seem to want to rotate the wrong way, when using the rotate crop boundary method.  Have your hand over the CTRL-Z for a quick undo!
  • The rotate callout will work with any view type (plan, elevation, section).  The rotate boundary will work on plans and sections, not elevations.  Although you get some WEIRD results when rotating sections.

So, spin away!