Where Is My DWF Viewer That Fits In My Pocket

I wrapped up the three day class today and went over Revit’s nice DWF integration. It’s clean simple and works well. Beautiful.
Right now, I’m sitting in an elementary school hallway waiting to pick up my kid from play practice (they’re doing Willie Wonka, since I know you asked). I have downloaded the WordPress app to my iPhone and blogging from it. Awesome.
So, these two paragraphs are related in my mildly OCD brain, and here it is: where the heck is my DWF viewer for the iPhone?!!! Don’t send me to Freewheel. Freewheel has not been tricked out for my small form factor multi touch wonder. I want a reader. I can open PDF files, Office docs, etc. But no DWF.

And that makes me sad.

Autodesk did release an app for the iPhone. It was fun for about five seconds. Absolutely no practical application. A DWF viewer would be more than practical.

Come on, Labs. Throw one together and let me stick my roll of drawings in my pocket.


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