A Contractor’s POV

On Thursday, my local Revit User Group is hosting a talk by Harry McKinney of Clancy & Theys.  Harry has graciously offered to come up and discuss how he and his company are using Revit, Navisworksand other BIM-goodness to do what they need to do.

The Rainbows & Unicorns of BIM that Autodesk sells has always been lacking connectivity between the major groups – designers, builders, owners.  I am really looking forward to this discussion to see how we can start to bridge the first gap.  In my opinion, until Autodesk comes out with a better piece of software than FMDesktop, it will be a long time until we bridge the final gap.  I cringe at some owner’s trying to open Revit.  It’s just not the right tool.  It’s like trying to mow my lawn with a circular saw.

My understanding now is that we, as designers, are putting data and information into the BIM model that we need to get our jobs done.  Makes sense, right?  Well, that information isn’t necessarily what the contractor needs to get his job done.  If they even get the model, sometimes they just scrap it and make their own.

Like I said, I am really looking forward to this meeting and will absolutely post my impressions after.


One thought on “A Contractor’s POV

  1. Melanie Perry says:

    As an ‘owner’ (CADD/CAFM Tech in the Engineering department of a large facility), we’re bridging the BIM thing now, and I just want to make sure we do it the best we can up front, or it will get sacked and we won’t get a second chance.

    I think the most important thing is that the owner has at least one knowledgeable person on staff or on retainer from a trusted firm to be the advocate who keeps the two sides on the same track and giving one another what they need without disrupting normal workflow too much.

    I’d love to be at that meeting, but, alas.

    Once we’ve rolled out, I’ll teach my engineers how to navigate through RMEP, but, everyone else… not so much. The point of the ‘gatekeeper’ is to do as we do with CAD files at this time; to keep the best docs for the next renovation and any maintenance needs, and to have the ability to grab and export information into a format that the person who needs it can use easily (I use a wide variety of formats depending on which department needs the information).


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