BIM Review…um…Mini Review

We had a demo of Avatech’s BIM Review the other day. I think it’s a really interesting approach to standards enforcement on Revit projects. Unfortunately, something is tickling in the back of my head that I can’t seem to put my finger on. It feels almost that it’s reach is way beyond it’s grasp.  Or maybe that most users will expect a magic box, when in fact, even with the wonders of Revit, a magic box is not within the realm of possibilities.

The one feature that was nice, but limited, was the ability to include and autofix button.  So, the software would find the problem and then fix it, if it could.  Some issues obviously could not be fixed immediately, but it’s still a nice tweak.

I am trying to get a demo to do a nice full review, so clearly I am still very intersted in it. I think at the very least it would be nice if Avatech provided a mechanism for users to share the standards sets that they create.  Also, if the software could scan a Revit template and create certain standards based on that – check view templates, check line styles and weights, etc.  And I am extremely excited to see some more third party apps get worked up. Now, I do NOT want to see customization and software creation go crazy (ala AutoCRAP) but some really well done add-ons would really help the workflow.


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  1. Beau Turner says:


    Thanks for the BIMreview Mini Review. 🙂 The 30-day trial is a free download (available from the link you posted). If you have any trouble with this please let me know.

    In version 1, we focused on developing the platform, which is solid, and giving you the tools needed to audit and review projects (single project, linked projects and batch mode) to provide a report with optional correction basedo on the criteria that is important to you.

    We continue to monitor industry standards and guidelines (released, emerging and of course feedback from users like yourself) and include those that are applicable to most Revit users in the shipping check files (.bcf files). These serve as a starting points for you to then create and optimize further for your own needs.

    As you get started converting your standards into digital checks, please post in the forum for more support: If there is a particular standard, scenario or example you would like to see or you are looking to share check files with others, the forums are a great place to do that.

    We are hard at work now on version 2, if there is something in particular you are looking for or you have any comments or feedback please let us know.

    Thanks again and keep up the great work!

    Beau Turner
    BIMreview and Revit Utilities Product Manager
    Avatech Solutions

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