DWF Creation and More NDA Fun!

One of my biggest beefs with the current 3d export of DWFs is that you can only export a single view.  The ideal DWF exporting from Revit would allow you to create “channels” of different 3d views to export into a single DWF file.  You send the DWF to the not-so-Revit-capable folks on your team and they switch from “channel” to “channel” to look over the latest design issues.  Currently, in 2009 (the version, not the year), that is not possible.

I have mentioned already that I am under a nice NDA embargo for the 2010 beta – maybe, I haven’t read the stupid thing entirely because I cannot find a copy of it.  Well, I didn’t mention it outright, but come on…  This isn’t CSI here.  Anyway, I am not at liberty to discuss, since yes, features change blah blah blah, but man wouldn’t it be awesome if in 2010 (the version, not the year) you could export multiple 3d views into one DWF to allow “channels”?

Yes.  That would be awesome.  I do wonder if that might happen.  Hmmm…

It would be unfortunate if while creating those “channels” (or bookmarks, maybe) it would not create some way to maintain a “home” for the view.  So if, hypothetically, you switched to a bookmark view, rotated, but could not then somehow get back to the default view.  Wouldn’t that be a shame?

Yes.  That would be a shame.  In theory, I suppose, one could simply close and re-open the DWF, but that’s no fun.  The HOME button should, hypothetically, be tied to the initial bookmarked view.

It’s nice to have these hypothetical conversations, isn’t it?

I have not fully embraced DWFs in our firm, but I do believe that 2010 (again, version, not the year) might be when I make the switch.  I have always liked the file format, especially when compared to PDFs (which seem to HATE large format docs) but the software for DWF has not been up to snuff.  I think it might be there now.