Contractor’s POV – Part 2

So, we had the talk from Harry McKinney of Clancy & Theys last week and I promised a follow-up, um, write-up.  And this is it!

The talk was great.  Harry did an excellent job of pointing out some specifics about how contractors are starting to use BIM and Revit and touched a little on how they are trying to work with designers to get the single model approach. 

One example would be the sandwich wall.  For simplicity and ease, the architect will typcially just create a wall type with all the materials sandwiched together – brick, air gap, insulation, CMU, etc.  Harry told us that they often will create individual wall types that line up together.  One reason is that they are using BIM for staging and construciton timelines and the different wall types let them simulate the construction cycle more accurately.  The other reason is more control over cost estimating.

I am not going to go recommend to my architects that they start breaking all their walls up to place as individual walls, that would be a waste of our time.  But if we have a design-build project, it is certainly something we will need to consider.

Or maybe Autodesk can build in a nice function that will break up a wall to its core components as separate walls, kind of like you can break up a stacked wall to its subwalls.

Anyway, Harry was very well informed and more importantly very excited about the topic.  I’d like to thank him for his time coming out and sharing his knowledge with us.