Money Talk

This popped up on Google Alert this morning…

It’s a transcript of an Autodesk conference call concerning their fourth quarter money stuff.  It’s long, and for some folks (like my dad) it would be interesting.  I bet I would find it interesting if I could understand it, but frankly, my brain isn’t wired for this sort of thing.

They didn’t hit many specifics, but considering this is a Revit blog, here are some highlights that I will comment on:

  • Revenue was down (duh) – it didn’t feel like it was down any more than anyone else this past quarter, though.
  • Revenue from ACAD and ACAD LT was down 21%
  • They didn’t mention ADT or ABS directly – they did mention a 14% drop in their AEC “segment”
  • Revenue from Revit products was only down 6%

My gut tells me that in the current economic conditions, a 6% drop in revenue is not bad at all.  That tells me that the revit adoption rate is still moving along at a nice clip.  I know attendance in our local user group has stayed nice and consistent through the last few months.  Some folks have lost their jobs, but I think they understand that now more than ever, they need to invest in themselves for the future.  In our industry, that means learning and understanding Revit.

My concern now is that Autodesk will be more concerned about making cash over getting Revit out there into the masses.  We are migrating licenses from ACAD products to Revit products as we deem it appropriate.  I am worried that Autodesk won’t be willing to cut us some deals on these transfers.

My biggest concern is that they will up the cost of subscription.  On principal, I like subscription.  However, in its current state I have a hard time internally justifying the cost.  There aren’t that many benefits.  I would love to see some kind of cost adjustment on new seats based on the number of current seats we have under subscription.  The annual updates are nice, and we update each year on Revit, but some years the reasons are less compelling than others (cough-cough-ribbon-cough-cough).

So, if you have an accountant’s brain, read through the link above and see what you think.