It’s March Already! Plus Some Minor DWF Thoughts

So, it’s the beginning of a new month, and those of you playing along will know that that means it’s time for some Revit training at my firm!

This three day crash course finds me on the road to our Virginia Beach office.  I’m blogging from a hotel room.  The schools back home are still closed thanks to the weather, and frankly, it’s REALLY cold down here.

This office’s primary job type is higher education, so that’s nice to get some input on new techniques and practices that we need to bring into the fold of our standards and possibly incorporate into the template.

I’ve found that this Revit deployment has been a good time to do some more standards pushing firm-wide.  No matter how much you try to create and maintain standards with AutoCrap, it always seemed impractical to maintain the level of staff that would be necessary to verify and enforce those standards.  With Revit being so fresh and new to a lot of these folks, we are only teaching them what they need to know to get their job done, and that is always standards specific.

On the flip side, this is forcing us in some cases to reevaluate our standards.  We’ve redesigned our border, amended how we use keynotes, and some other items have gotten the boot or the overhaul.  The funnest part is when everyone thought there was a standard, but it turned out there were about 27 different ways that PMs were doing the same thing (mortar joints in wall sections – I’m looking at you).  It is definitely a task that won’t be done anytime soon, but it is easier to begin the task with Revit.

I’m also using the push as an excuse to endorse greater adoption of DWF use in the firm.  I have never been 100% happy with PDFs and how they handle large format drawings.  I’m always slightly nervous that something is messed up.  So far, DWFs have not let me down.  With each training, I discuss exporting to DWFs and show the markup features and how that can integrate back into Revit sheets.  Really nice stuff.  We’re close to getting some more of our QC guys to work along with us on the DWF front as well.  Really excited about that.