Pretty Pictures

Saw this at Autodesk University two years ago at their opening demo… I’m sorry, I meant “revival”.  It has recently popped up on Autodesk Labs, and I hope hope hope that it doesn’t die a slow Labs death and never really see the light of day.

Project Newport (which to those of us living near Philip Morris sounds like a top secret cigarette attack) is being touted as a game engine for designers.  Which frankly, would be awesome.

No, I don’t want to make myself a root beer float and pull out the lime chips and sit on my couch in the middle of the night and shoot zombies in one of our designs.  Or do I?

Being able to leverage modern “gaming” processing hooks on video cards for real time visualization type rendering would be amazing and such a boon.  Right now, if we want real time 3d viewing of our Revit model, it’s in Shading With Edges and looks like a cartoon.  If we want some nice materials on there, it’s wait 5 to 30 minutes for this image to render.

And if nothing else, if this works like it’s touted I might help me kill Sketchup in my firm.  That’s too harsh.  Not kill.  But significantly maim.

Hopefully, Newport will happen and it will bridge these two.  I’m not expecting photo realistic real time rendering, but if I can see my building and it looks as good as a modern video game on my PC, that would go SO far to get our design intent to owners.

And if I can export it and navigate through it on an XBox360… how cool would that be?  I’m just saying…