Mansard Roof Madness

We have found ourselves needing to create far more mansard roofs in our Revit model than I think is healthy.  The economic downturn has led a lot of our clients to go down the addition and renovation road more than we are used to.  So we find ourselves in the “happy” position of having to model a lot of existing work of questionable architectural value.

But I am not here to argue the validity of aesthetics from decades ago!  I am confident that sometime in the nearish future some future blogger will be looking back at our work and make the same slightly disgusted face.

We tried really hard to use the built in roof tool in Revit to get a mansard roof, but the extent of the slope is just too extreme in most cases.  We now utilize the create roof by face.

We create a mass that consists of a blend sweep, which very easily lets you create the shape of the roof overall.  Then we create roof by face.  This is done face by face.  So, don’t select all the faces then try to finish.  Sometimes Revit gets mad at this and tells you “no”.  But you can definitely go in and change each face one at a time, then join the geometry when you’re done.

The biggest hurdle is learning the massing tools, but once this is overcome, this is a very easy and effective way of getting these roofs done.