Revit 2010 – To Upgrade or No

So, I guess my NDA is over?  Who knows.  All I know is we have started downloading the 2010 version of our favorite BIM software. 

I have heard this being called the R13 of Revit (ominous drum noises follow) and while the updates aren’t earth shattering, there are some compelling reasons that we see.  Some of the vocal minority are stating that they will be skipping this version due to 1) the Ribbon and 2) the low amount of new features.  We will be upgrading to this version because of 1) the Ribbon and 2) the low amount of new features.

I’m not saying that I hate new features and fixed old ones (stairs!  I’m looking at YOU), but the ENTIRE INTERFACE HAS CHANGED.  This is a learning curve unto itself.  So with this version, instead of having to take the time to teach everyon the GUI and new whiz-bang features, we can just spend the time getting our users to learn the new interface.  So when the NEXT version comes out, we’ll already know the interface and can hit the ground running with new features.  Bam!  Seriously, it’s not like the Ribbon is going away.  It’s here.

And I for one embrace our new Ribbony Masters.

Full disclosure – there are one or two projects that we will NOT be upgrading to 2010, either due to time or concern of the PM or both.  Luckily we have this option of keeping multiple versions on the desktop.