2010 Halftone Control

One of our Revit “last 10%” complaints was always about the obtuse “halftone” toggle for visibility graphics and appearance settings.  We pretty much assumed that it is literally 50% of whatever the original color is.

The thing is, even when we “ghosted” linework in AutoCrap and called it “halftone”, it was really about 65%, not 50%.  50% is just too darn light.

Apparently, the Revit guys, when they weren’t working on shiny new plastic-like icons, decided to add something practical to 2010.  We can now control the halftone setting on a project basis.

If you go to MANAGE – SETTINGS you will see the new HALFTONE/UNDERLAY control. 


This will bring up a beautiful little slider that lets you control exactly what the “half” in “halftone” means.

Slide up or slide down, whichever way you want to slide now, Revit lets you.


4 thoughts on “2010 Halftone Control

  1. Erik says:

    So happy to get something in the neato category! This is part of an effort to identify and opportunistically remove small user identified work flow barriers. Items like those in your Gripe section. Past projects include the Close loop snap, Counts in the Filter dialog, Recent file screen, and Adding Elevation, Section and Callout categories to view Filters. There are many more in 2010 and this is a continually ongoing process. It is very satisfying to work on these.

  2. Anthony Hauck says:

    Hi Jason.

    Thanks for the mention of this new feature, I’m glad you like it. I’d love to hear how your users react to the new release.

    Anthony Hauck
    Revit Platform Product Manager

  3. jkunkel says:

    Oh, totally. My structural engineers are doing backflips over this feature. Well, not literally. I’m not sure if any of my structural engineers can jump higher than 4 inches, but you know what I mean.

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