Mysteries of the Unknown!

I have a running list of “REVIT MYSTERIES’ on my desk (I’ve already discussed one of those mysteries).  One day, I would like to take this list with me into a room of the developers and ask “why”.

Until then, I shall whine about it here and maybe someone out there has a good explanation.  Today’s case: The Mystery of the Vanishing Strucutral Column!

Something is happening wiht drawing order and how things are cut.  I cannot find much other folks with this issue, but I can consistently get something weird to happen.  At least I think it’s weird.

Let’s say I place a wall.  Let’s say I place some components (structural columns) in that wall.  Now I do a callout of the area.

If I do a callout and set the type to FLOOR PLAN, things seem to come in how I expect.


If I do a callout and set the type to DETAIL VIEW, then I get some odd results.  Hatches and lines overlap.  Things don’t seem to cut clean.


Why is this?  Is Revit making assumptions about what I want to do with DETAIL VIEWS?  That I plan on slapping detail components everywhere?  How presumptive of Revit.

Detail Views have some very different settings than a “standard” floor plan callout view.  The help file does not explain this graphic difference, however.

I would really love to hear an explanation.  Right now, we just kind of avoid Detail Views, and if someone took the time to make them function differently, I would love to know why.


2 thoughts on “Mysteries of the Unknown!

  1. Jason Grant says:

    This is weird, in 2010 I have some weird things going on in my callouts as well. My structural does not show up at all but when I hover over where the steel should be it highlights and allows me to select it. Still is not visible though.

  2. jkunkel says:

    I can get that same issue, too. If I swap to Wireframe, I can see it as long as some kind of solid fill isn’t covering it up. We use a gray fill for metal studs, so we often see half the colum covered by a big gray stripe. It
    s definitely there, as jiggling my mouse around shows the outline, but it is not showing up.

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