When I’m 64

Just a quick post.  Last week we had our monthly local Revit user group meeting and the discussion came up about 64-bit PCs.

I won’t go into the crazy geeky technical aspects of 32 vs 64, but the question was whether or not it was worth the investment using Revit on a 64-bit machine.

Unquestionably, yes.

If you are using Revit to do residential work, or something under, say 5,000 sf (I just pulled that number out of my… um… void) then you probably won’t see any gain from the different architecture.  With the size of projects we are working on (medium to big) my users who were lucky enough to be in the 64-bit pilot project group would cause me bodily harm if I took their machines away from them.

Less waiting and fewer hiccups with workshared models is the key.  The group with the 64-bit PCs reported zero out of memory type issues when trying to save to central or other memory intensive processes.  The poor 32-bit users… well, we had to gently nudge Revit to save sometimes.

I don’t have hard numbers about am0unt of time saved, but frankly I think that’s not important.  The users felt better about it and a happier model maker is a more productive model maker.

We don’t do much rendering, but doing our renderings on the 64-bit PCs is insanely faster than the others.  Not a huge selling point for us, but it might be for you.

Any new workstations we buy are 64-bit.  Now we just have to get out of this recession so I can buy some more workstations…