Revit Utilities or Why Can’t It Do That Already

Avatech (big reseller) has recently repackaged their Revit Utilites for 2010 so they can sell them.  They used to be free <sniff> but, alas, such is the way of consumerism!  Quick note – if Avatech is your reseller, they still are free… sneaky!

We used the utilities back in 2009 and they were very very good for the price (it was free).  All of my comments are based on the 2009 versions, assuming that they haven’t updated significantly since then.

The Door Mark Update and Room Renumber tools were exquisite, and features that many users scratch their head and wonder why they weren’t in Revit to begin with.  They do exaclty what they say they are going to do.  It’s not magical, it can’t read your mind, but it does as well as it can.

The Space Update tool held promise, but we never had the opportunity to use it on a complete project.

I prefer Autodesk’s Google Earth utility.  The Avatech one seems bulky for some reason.

The RevitCity Content browser does precisely what it advertises to do.

Change Case, Grid Select and Room Phase Copy are new to the 2010 utilities.  I want to say that the Change Case has been “borrowed” from Avatech’s BIMReview software.  If it works clean and efficiently, then it would be a welcome inclusion.  The plot thickens?  A search for BIMReview on Avatech’s website brings up links to two pages, both of which are inaccessible.  Has BIMReview been put out to pasture?

The web site lists their Revit Utilities package for $395.  Worth it?  Can’t report that.  With the current state of the economy, you need to evaluate your own internal needs.  I will tell you that it would be definitetly worth a couple seats if they can incorporate some network licensing.  Last time we talked to them, this was being bounced around, but they had no idea if it was feasible.

They do have a subset of utilites that are (drum roll) free!  Avatech Utilities for Revit Lite has the following utilities: Room Renumber, Grid Select, Space Update and GridSelect.  For the Room Renumber alone this is worth it.  You have to give them your email address to download.  But who doesn’t ask for your email address these days?

Overall, a good batch of utilities.  Some kind of network licensing (and a slightly smaller price tag) would seal the deal.

I am both excited and nervous at the third party add-ons that we are starting to see.  A clean and untouchable Revit was a nice dream for a while, but until it is able to have every single feature that everyone would ever want, these extras will be a welcome addition.


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  1. Jana G says:

    Thanks for the nod. I’m with Avatech and saw your post. I wanted to let you know that Autodesk has indeed purchased BIMReview in the past few months, which may be the reason you don’t find it on our site. I hope this information is helpful to you.

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