Spinning! 3d View Quick Tip

Sometimes it’s the small things that we forget or overlook.  I was surprised to find out that someone who I could consider one of my top Revit users was unaware of the following little nugget.  So I thought I would jot it down here.

Navigating through your 3d view can get a little tricky when your model starts to grow.  Holding down the SHIFT key while center-button dragging will rotate your model around to let you get a better view of another side.  By default, Revit rotates around the center of your model.  This might lead you to rotate-pan-rotate-pan-rotate-pan until you see the angle you want.

Here’s the nugget.  Wanna know a nice trick?  Select an object before you rotate.  The object you select will then become the center of your rotation.  No more rotate-pan-rotate-pan-rotate-pan!