Revit Arch 2010 Advantage Pack and 2009 UI Issue

I haven’t been able to extensively test, but it looks like the aforementioned 2009 UI “hack” that you can do in 2010 gets confused a wee bit with the Advantage Pack on Revit Architecture 2010.  I plan on spending some time in an upcoming post discussing the Advantage Pack (I know – you can’t wait), but wanted to get this out there now since I haven’t seen it in the Intertubes yet.

We always knew the 2009 UI tweak wasn’t fully supported, but it looks like the Advantage Pack has set it a couple more steps out of alignment.  First up, the newly introduced (and much loved) Structural Ribbon loses the Truss tool in the non-ribbon interface.  Just can’t find it anywhere.

The “Tools” toolbar is… weird.  The tools seems to have been shuffled.


In order from left to right, I have listed what the icon is, and what the command acutally is:

What it looks like What it really does
Show Work Plane  Work Plane
Linework  Work Plan Visibility
Spell Check  Spell Check
Join Roof  Find Replace
Some kind of mini Work Plane button  Tape Measure
Measure  Match Type
Show Hidden Lines  Linework
Hide Hiden Lines  Show Hidden Lines
Paint  Remove Hidden Lines
Split Face  Paint
Edit Cut Profile  Split Face
The Hammer from Demolish  Edit Cut Profile
Join Geometry icon next to the word “Demolish”  Demolish

So, that looks like one tool (Spell Check) that does what it looks like it’s supposed to do.

Align, Split, Trim and Offset all seemed to be saved from this madness, but the next batch of tools fared worse.


What it looks like What it really does
Unjoin Geometry Join Geometry
Cut Geometry Unjoin Geometry
Don’t Cut Geometry Cut Geometry
Copy/Monitor Don’t Cut Geometry
Edit Wall Joins Edit Wall Joins
CENSORED Edit Beam Joins
Match Type Join/Unjoin Roof

Again, we have one tool that matches its icon.  Weird.  Mousing over any of these will tell you what it’s going to do, you just have to ignore the picture.

A couple other items:

  • If you have installed the Model Review, that just throws a nice error on bootup and won’t even load.
  • The DB Link tool seems to be MIA
  • The wonderful Convert Lines tool is also not to be found in the 2009 interface.
  • I have not installed the Framing Tool, so cannot comment on its availability

That’s all that really jumped out at me.  I imagine I am missing some.  I also was not able to test/verify if keyboard shortcuts to these missing commands will work.  Also, I cannot verify if the other Revit flavors will have these same hiccups.

I’m not too surprised by this.  There was no reason for Autodesk to maintain support for a tweak that was completely unsupported.  The moral is just to pay attention if you are using the 2009 UI and have or plan on installing the Advantage Pack, you may be forced to hop in the Ribbon to see the full benefits of it.


2 thoughts on “Revit Arch 2010 Advantage Pack and 2009 UI Issue

  1. Sean says:

    Great in-depth look at this issue. I had originally though, oh they just forgot a single icon, for workplane visibility. It seems to go much deeper. I guess the 2009 UI wasn’t used to perform regression testing with these new tools. That trend points to some bad things to come.

    It looks like a lot more people are going to have to buy the t-shirt from Phil to show support for the 2009 UI. The ribbon performs very poorly in a VM on my year and half old MacBook Pro, and I’m hoping the new Fusion 3 with Windows 7 will clear things up. The ‘Classic UI’ works or did work beautifully with more limited resources, but now that I’ve also installed the SAP, it’s not an option.

  2. Dat Lien says:

    Concerning your acronym, I have done a lot of Revit training for many people and in one of my classes, I asked if anyone knew what “Revit” stands for (I was looking for something like “Revise It”) but instead, one of the attendees said “Really Easy Very Intuitive Tool” (no joke)! But then again, this was before he actually got into it.

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