It’s All In The Details

There are many misconceptions out there about Revit.  Some of these are holdovers from early versions, some are just bad ideas that people latched onto some time ago that they haven’t let go of.  Like Crocs or calling chicken sandwiches “burgers”.  One of those “Revit Rumors” has been popping up on my radar – Twitter, user comments, etc.  The idea that Revit is bad at details.  I have seen several tweets along the lines of “I like Revit, but it is lousy at doing details” or even worse “Revit is great, but I still do my detailing in ACAD”.

I’m not sure where this misconception about Revit being bad or difficult at detailing started, but it’s just plain false.  And those that claim that it is easier in AutoCrap, I would actually argue the opposite.

Revit has cleaned up and simplified the process of detail work in the computer.  We no longer have to worry about layers.  Or even worse, color, and if that color is going to impact the lineweight (I know some of you are still plotting with CTB, you cannot hide!).  There is a selection of Detail Lines, and what I see is what’s going to print.  It’s like my old empty plastic orange juice concentrate can that held my Koh-I-Noor pens, a black sharpie, and some grey markers.  Easy.  There are also fill regions and a masking region.  And if you happen to use the wrong “pen” or fill, select it and change it.  There is an excellent selection of already created detail components.  Fill patterns and line patterns automatically with scale.

And that’s just the pure detail elements.  Don’t forget that you can constrain detail elements to model elements, so if you’ve detailed a joint on a wall with detail lines, you can constratin it so if that wall moves or changes its thickness, those detail lines will update as well.  On top of that, there is the oft overlooked but VERY powerful Edit Cut Profile tool which allows tweaking the edges of model elements in my view.  So I know and have confidence that cut patterns and fill patterns are consistent and proper.

It’s change and it’s different and I understand that.  Over the last two years as we have been doing our deployment in earnest, a major new part of my job has been therapist.  Change is scary, especially change on such magnitude.  People like the tools they are used to.

But that doesn’t make them good tools.

The people who think AutoCrap is easier to detail in, are simply used to that piece of software.  Revit has taken a little of the software out of detailing.  Don’t let that scare you.  Come along with us.

But first take off those Crocs and put on some real shoes.