Quick Tip – Dangerous Duplicate Views

This is a nasty one.  We have a lot of users that will duplicate a view to save time.  We’ve actually been endorsing a course of action of NOT duplicating views.  We’ve found too many things that folks forget about tweaking on a new view (this of course, does not go for Duplicate as Dependent) that was duplicated from another view.  Categories turned off, elements hidden, etc.

But here’s the nastiest.

We had a batch of section tags that looked like they were being censored.  The detail number and sheet in the tag had lines through them.

Lines through tag

That’s not good.  It looks like the world’s worst censor got their hands on our drawings.  And it just looks plain dumb.

Turns out what happened is that the view was duplicated, for one reason or another.  WHEN A VIEW IS DUPLICATED THE VIEW TAG IS DUPLICATED AS WELL.  The second view was never put on a sheet.  So we had two section tags on top of each other.  One that was on a sheet and one that wasn’t.

If you duplicate views, pay extra attention to the tag for the original view.  Scoot it out of the way to find the duplicated tag and hide it.

Before anyone speaks up, yes we could just not print unreferenced views, and we often do this, but the above is still sloppy, and we are always trying to keep our Revit model clean.  Because a clean model is a happy model.

2 thoughts on “Quick Tip – Dangerous Duplicate Views

  1. Adam Sheather says:

    You can create filters for internal sections and hide them in the view, rather then hiding them individually for each view.

    Saves alot of time and allows you to create many duplicates as you need and just change what type the section si to the one you have hidden with a filter.

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