Quick Tip – Your Model Looks Great

We sometimes (all the time) find ourselves needing to adjust the appearance of our model elements in a view to get stuff to look… well, just plain right.  And then there are the times when we cut a detail view and frankly, the model just isn’t looking too good at that scale and we just want to hide it all and draft over top of it.  Heartbreaking, but it happens.

You can open Visibility Graphics and select all your families and change the appearance right there, but Revit does offer up a quicker way to make some very basic wholesale changes to your model elements in your view.  Under View Properties, there is a parameter called “Display Model”, and frankly, it’s one of those parameter names that scares people.  Normally, I’d say it’s good to follow that gut feeling and NOT push the button, but this button is benign.  At least, it’s easy to undo.

Hitting the dropdown will show three options, each one hopefully self-explanatory.

  • “Normal” will not make any changes to your model elements in this view.  It will look “normal”
  • “As underlay” applies your project’s underlay appearance override to every model element in the current view
  • “Do not display” just turns off every single model element in the view

A very simple function, but very powerful when you need to make this kind of change.

Display Model parameter