The Next Steps – 2011 Is Here!

I am starting to feel (somewhat) comfortable about where our firm has gotten with Revit.  There are still some individuals and techniques that are WAY off in left field, but for the most part, 2010 has been a really good year in bringing everyone up to a certain speed.

We’ve started to look at expanding the “I” in BIM.  Last year we dabbled with using our models for lighting analysis with mixed results.  I expect that to continue.  We are also starting to play with integrating specs, investigating some FM integration, and just paying attention to any acronym that we haven’t heard of.  (Be careful, there are some acronyms out there that you NEVER want to know about).

I hope over the next year I can dial up the usual tips, but also keep everyone posted on our progress with our next steps.  They will be baby steps, but they are steps nevertheless.

And the geek part of me is pretty darn excited.  Happy new year, all.