Something-IM: Newforma Cracking Into Revit

I’ve received no fewer than six emails about the announced features for the next release of Newforma Project Center. We use that package at my firm, to varying degrees of success. Some of it we use religiously and some we couldn’t bother with. It’s like that with any software, though. You figure out what part of the tool works for you, and you tip toe around the rest (I’m looking at you, Keynotes).
We’ve always been watching for Newforma to get their hooks into Revit, and we had some ideas about what would make our dream list. This list wasn’t based in any kind of fact or logic, but it was our list. And we liked it.
Lo and behold, finally the clouds have parted, the skies opened up and angels have sung from on high that Newforma Project Center 8 will have Revit integration (to a limited degree, sings that one angel that no one likes)!
I don’t want to comment on it until I actually get to sink my paws into it, but I will say from watching their videos that I am cautiously optimistic. Is it my dream list? No . Does the idea of creating an action item right from Revit seem awesome? Yes. Because I am big nerd? Of course.
So take a peek at the videos and see what you think. I will follow up when we actually get it installed.

Oh, and let’s slow down with all the IMs. Newforma is pushing “PIM” – Project Information Management. So now we have BIM and PIM. I’ll soon have to go to a TIM “Totally Important Meeting” to discuss our CIM “Crappy Initials Manifesto” and we will be eating DIM “Donuts In Marshmallow”
Sorry. Kind of lost steam on that last one.


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