Workset and Copy/Monitor Glitch

Yes, yes, I know everyone is excited about the release of Revit 2012, but I have a little 2011 issue that I thought I would share with everyone.  And in all honesty, I don’t even know if this is a problem in 2012, but I figured we’d still be using 2011 for some time so here goes.

We have started getting our folks to create a Copy Monitor workset in workshared files.  On this workset, we are asking them to put anything in the model that they have Copy/Monitored.  This allows the original model to not load in that workset when the second model is linked back in.  This helps avoid having elements on top of themselves which, according to TimeCop, would cause some sort of space time continuum mess.

The issue is when an element is Copy/Monitored, it DOESN’T GO IN ON THE CURRENT ACTIVE WORKSET.  It goes on the first workset that was created, usually the cleverly named “Workset 1”.  Everything else seems to play nice with worksets.  Copy/Monitor elements don’t like to play nice.  Our (dumb) workaround?  In blank files that we are activating worksharing, we make the first workset “Copy Monitor”.

We have verified with Autodesk that this is an issue, and that the developers are “working on it”.  Like I said, I need to see if it still happens in 2012, and considering past experience, I have a feelign that we will never see a fix for it in 2011.  So heads up on that.