Revit 2013 One Box Deployment Problem

We are working on getting our installation for Revit 2013 ready and have stumbled across an issue that the deployment can have.

Leveraging the power of the “One Box”, we planned on putting the deployment files on the server, and simply tweak the deployment for multiple disciplines.  Save a ton of server space!  High five!

Well, everything looked good, and we had five shortcuts with five different ini files saved in the “CustomSettings” folder.  Things were going smoothly.

Then we went to install.  For some odd reason, only the first deployment we created had the entire set of customizations, the others only got the license file; file location settings were missing, tweaks to options weren’t there.  Basically, the installations were ignoring the custom ini file.

We contacted Autodesk, and they confirmed that this is an issue.

I never know if I’m supposed to feel better or worse when they tell me that.

No fix, of course.  And I’m not holding my breath on there being a fix.

The workaround involves tweaking our install script so it copies the tweaked ini filed from the AdminImage\CustomSettings folder to the application data folder for the user’s PCs.  Keep in mind that this location is not the same in XP and Windows 7 (Vista is dead to me).

For Windows 7, you need to copy here:
C:\ProgramData\Autodesk\RVT 2013\UserDataCache\

For XP, copy the ini here
C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Autodesk\RVT 2013\UserDataCache\

In both cases, you need to copy your custom ini file and rename it to Revit.ini, replacing the one that the installer created.

What’s odd is the deployments that weren’t created from One Box work fine.  I have given up expecting any Autodesk deployment to go as advertised.  Every year we fight a new set of problems. My expectation is that the smaller firms just walk from desk to desk to install.  And the really big firms have an IT group and fancy-pants servers whose single job is to install software.  We are very much a middle size firm: WAY too many seats to install one at a time, and not nearly enough in the IT budget to dedicate to software deployment.  So, we make do with what we have.  It would be nice if Autodesk could put a little more effort in their deployment creation tools.


3 thoughts on “Revit 2013 One Box Deployment Problem

  1. brettburling says:

    Running in to the same problem here.

    Can you give some details of how you included your script in the deployment?

  2. jkunkel says:

    A couple deployments ago, we ended up using scripts that we generated to do the installs. I would love to just point to the MSI and MST and roll, but no dice.
    This post is still pretty close to what we do, just with some tweakage of the scripts.
    Bottom line – we use AutoIt to create EXE files as “Wrappers” around the install with admin rights. Then through Group Policy Preferences, we assign that EXE as a Windows scheduled task that kicks off on login.
    Hope this helps!

  3. Jason Bailly says:

    I have created a oneBox deployment from the free download of Revit. It is working and pulling my ADN license. I don’t seem to have this problem and am using a custom revit.ini file. This is something that I decided to do when the massive hog of and installer for the Building Design Ultimate Suite continued to fail whenever I tried to make oneBox deployments. I would love to see others give this a shot and hear back if it solves your problem. I’m still a littly wary about what other problems it might create but it seemed like a good option to me.

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