Custom Add-Ins Complaints, Icons, etc

Did I mention I was going to start playing with the API?  Hard to tell.  Well, I have, and I’ve had…mixed results.

I simply don’t have the time to dive in and create uber-awesome and extensive add-ins, so I’ve been making little things that focus on one task or one annoying lack of functionality.

Where we find Revit lacking quite often is with the documentation end of things (last 10%).  I understand that Revit is a BIM application first, and documentation application second (or even third or fourth) and the documentation end of things gets put to the side often.  I get that.  That’s why I wanted to go in and make some little programs that can help us speed up our more lengthy tasks.

Unfortunately (for me), a lot of the non-model functions get put to the side with the API as well.  For example, it was only in the 2013 version that you could actually create a filled region.  I certainly am no developer, so I don’t know the hurdles it would take them to incorporate the annotation tools, but I do miss some.  Sometimes.  Or possibly I’m just too dumb to figure out how to do it.  There is a HIGH probability of this one.

I have had success with a couple baby tools, however.  And now it’s time for me to get snobby.

I’ve looked at a lot of add-ins trying to figure this thing out and so many work AWESOMELY.  But the icons they create for the tools?  Ghastly.  I’m no icon pro, but there is an Autodesk approved icon creation guideline out there, and I’m not sure anyone actually reads it.  (Here’s a nice blog post discussing some of it)

Well, I read it.  And I thought I’d show off my icons.  I’m kinda proud of them.

Fun, right?

I guess the best test would be if you can guess their function.  Without mousing over and peeking at the ALT text.