I Can’t See My Tag! Wait. There It Is

Just had one of those issues that makes you scratch your head a little bit.

Someone was working hard in Revit, and in their model, in any view, when they would place a detail component or some annotation, they would not get the “preview” of the element before they placed it.  It would place fine.  Once they clicked where they wanted it to go, it showed up, but that ghostly indication of the element prior to clicking was no where to be found, all they had was their crosshairs*.

Heads were scratched.  Brows were furrowed.  We looked at visibility graphics, we looked at graphics options ,we minimized, we restarted, nothing.

Then, bam.  It hit me.  The current Workset!

As expected, his current workset was some crazy workset that was not loaded in his current session.  We turned his current workset to the proper one, and we got the annotation preview.

Here’s my guess at the long of it: detail and annotation elements don’t really live on the current workset.  They have their own “secret” workset that gets created for each view and that’s where they live.  When we were going to place the element, it was temporarily thinking it was going to go on the workset that was off, and if it were a model element, it would have placed on that workset, but then we would have gotten that awesome Revit warning that “you have placed the element, but you can’t see it”.  In annotation and detail’s case, you place the element, and it hops on the workset you CAN see.

So that’s it.  Check your current workset, which is really good advice for any day in Revit.

*The user actually didn’t say “crosshairs”… he said that all he could see what his “curser” which made me laugh to imagine a tiny foul mouthed individual yelling at him from his Revit model.