View Template and Schedule Hiccup

I think we might have stumbled across an issue in 2013 with the (much improved*) View Templates.  Can’t find anything else on it, so I thought I would throw it out here and see who else has seen this or can replicate it.

It goes down like this:  You create a schedule.  You tweak that schedule’s appearance.  You decide that you want to create a View Template based on this schedule’s appearance.  Later on, you and that schedule have had a disagreement, so you decide to delete it.  Hey, remember those View Templates we made based on that schedule?  When you go to delete it, Revit tells you that it is going to delete them.  And then it does.  Poof.  Gone.  Any schedule that had that View Template assigned is now set to NONE.  On top of that, any View Template that was copied from the prior ones are “linked” as well, so this could be pretty disruptive to your schedule View Templates.

Wait.  I didn't want to delete you!
Wait. I didn’t want to delete you!

I tried this out with a couple other view types, and did not have this problem at all.  I tried it in our Project Template and the “none” Project Template and had the same issue.  I think it’s a bug, but am curious if anyone else has seen it or could reproduce it.  At any rate, heads up.

*You thought I was going to be sarcastic down here, didn’t you?  Seriously.  I love the new View Templates and how they work.  I know there are some haters out there, but this is how they should have worked all along.

2 thoughts on “View Template and Schedule Hiccup

  1. jkunkel says:

    Sadly, no. Different names. This is when deleting the schedule view AFTER the view template was created from it. I did another test with a schedule named “Door Schedule” and a view template named “GGG”. Same results.

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