Cannot Delete, Rename or Move Revit File

I’ve seen many other posts on this issue, but I think we may have found a clever way to fix it.

In Vista and Windows 7, some machines will seemingly give up when you try to delete or rename or move a Revit file.  You get the progress bar but it just spins and spins and spins.

From what I’ve read, there are two potential issues that folks have found:

  • The Indexing Service locks the file up
  • Windows and Revit get confused with the file when it tries to draw the icon preview

The two usual fixes are to stop indexing Revit files, or tell Windows to stop drawing icons with file previews.

I have never had the first solution work, so either it was a fluke placebo solution for the post I found, or we just haven’t had the problem.  Telling Windows to stop drawing icon previews is the only way we have found to fix this issue, but of course, no pretty previews for Windows on the icon of the file!

Until now (BUM BUM BUM)

I can’t take credit for this.  And this is a great example of getting fresh eyes on a problem. One of my IT guys came up with this solution and we are trying it out on a single PC right now, but so far it looks promising.

He tracked down the Revit.FilePreview.dll file under his Revit folder and renamed it (something like Revit.FilePreview.old or something).  Then rebooted.

So far, he is able to delete, rename, move, etc. the Revit files, and only the Revit files do not have a preview.  So far so good!

For more recent versions of Revit, there is the Revit.Thumbnail.dll file, which will be our next file to rename.  We have several versions of Revit on each PC, and Windows likes to pick which version it wants to use with the RVT files, so that is probably the confusion there.

Probably an unregistering of the dll would get the job done as well.  This is all just workshop-level stuff right now, so be very careful if you try it out.