Cloud Credit Chaos

So, this has happened twice now. Autodesk has lost my Cloud Credits twice.

I think I understand the changes that Autodesk made to the credits since they were introduced; the migration from overall pooled to individuals having 100 credits, the introduction of having to buy “shared” credits, etc. All I can do about these changes is whine, of course. We have a couple of individuals who eat credits like candy, which forces me to buy more, even though we have dozens of other users with their 100 credits sitting there, untouched (and yes, we could cheat and have the candy-eaters just login with the non-eaters 360 account, but that is obnoxious). It’s a business decision that Autodesk made, and it I want to play in their cloud, I have to follow their rules.

But when something stupid happens, I get a little ticked off.

We had an individual who tore through the credits, as I expected. We bought a BIG batch of Shared Credits. Late last year I got a frantic email from this user, stating he was doing some rendering, but the amount of available credits was reported at none. Zip. Nada. He was confident that the day before, it was reported at over 2,000. Whoa. That’s a LOT of rendering.

Honestly, my first guess was that he was mistaken. Luckily, the Autodesk site has reporting tools that you can look at to see what the credit usage is. So I logged on, expecting to see a long list of renderings from this user over the last couple days that will show all the “lost” credits. But, when I got there, the reports weren’t working right. It showed no usage, which I knew was wrong. My theory on what happened quickly changed.

Long story short(ish), we got in touch with Autodesk support, got some semblance of the reports working, figured out how many credits disappeared and had them restored. The problem is, this took about a week. I could have bought more credits, but really didn’t want to give any more money to Autodesk until they got the rest of my money back. You see, 1 Cloud Credit equals 1 dollar. So this was over $2000 that was missing. Nothing to sniff at.

I assumed this was a one time event. Spoiler alert: I was wrong.

Flash forward to just a couple weeks ago. Same user. Same email. Same missing Cloud Credits. This time, the reports were sort of working, and it report that this user had used 600 credits, which is WAY lower than it should be. Reached out again, track down my invoices for when I bought the Shared Credits, send them in, wait a week, and get my missing credits back.

Here’s the thing: Autodesk could never precisely tell me what happened to the missing credits, and my reports show that I never purchased any AND now my reports show that nobody has any credits, when I know they should all have 100, used or unused.

Support has been as helpful as they can on these issues, but they shouldn’t be issues at all. Something seems VERY broken with however they are tracking the usage on the Cloud Credits. I now have to plan to go in weekly to check the status; not to see how many have been used, but to see if it’s broken. It needs to be fixed.