My Heart Breaks a-new

Another new Revit, another disappointment.

Yes, I know new features lists have been out for a while and people have been using 2015 for some time now, but some things just… the hurt is TOO MUCH, you know?

Seriously, now that View Templates are working like they should, and have been for some time, why must I still rely on the antiquated Phase Filter?

Just give me access to the Phase and Phase Demolished parameters in my View Filters! While we are at it, open up all the parameters to the View Filters!

Yes, this is a total recap of a previous post, and yes, kudos to you for remembering that, but this has got to be one of my biggest pet peeves at this point. Keep Phases. Dump Phase Override and Phase Filters. Give me one place (granted, it’s a BIG place) to control what my views look like.