Seeing Something That Is Up Way Too High – Without a Stepstool

We sometimes have content that gets placed and Revit shows us the message that even though you placed the element, you can’t see it.

Yeah. THIS window. You know it.

Yeah. THIS window. You know it.

The typical user will then try to place it seven more times and ignore reading that Warning each time. Exceptional users will often place 20 instances or more before reading it. Yeah, you know who you are.

There could be any number of reasons the element doesn’t show up, right now I want to address a work around we have for items that are typically placed just above the View Range of a plan, but we REALLY want to see on that plan. Tack strips come to mind. You want those placed up around 7′. The top of our View Range is right around there, too. There’s a good chance we aren’t gonna see that Tack Strip by default. And that’s because it is out of the View Range.

So, we cheat a little, and give Revit a little morsel for the View Range to grab onto. In the family we drop a model line that goes “low” enough to definitely go past the Cut Plane in the view. Then,¬†uncheck the VISIBLE parameter for that line. Reload, and like magic the element shows up in the view. The model line is invisible, so you don’t see it, but it’s there, so Revit considers it part of the family and will include it in the View Range where appropriate.

For the few times that we need it, this has been a safe easy way to get these items to show. Of course, there are dozes of other reasons it might not show up. Just don’t keep clicking after you see that Warning box. Please.