Don’t Forget You Can Search!

Another one slips through the cracks or user’s minds. Again, funny what gets forgotten or overlooked through the years. It’s critical for trainers to not only teach new features and procedures, but also remind folks of lesser used but critical functions.. and sometimes it’s not a reminder at all.

You probably have a HUGE model with a TON of stuff in it (or even a TONNE of stuff, depending if you work in metric) and sometimes you load in a family or have a view and you just can’t find it.

Do you remember what it’s called, or even part of its name? You’re in luck!

Right-click on anything in the project browser and you get an option at the bottom of the context window to Search…


Type in part of the name of what you are looking for and it will go thru the entire model and find views, schedules, families, etc that match up with that phrase. It will NOT start over at the top, so start your search as high up as you need to.


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