Don’t Forget – Schedule Text Styles Cheat

When is a Text Type not really a Type?

Sorry, bad riddle. This is one of those stupid seemingly insignificant inconsistencies within Revit that I 1) forget about after a few weeks and 2) when I remember I scratch my head and say “Really?”

I love View Templates. The new ones that actually do what they should do. Not the old passive ones. It helps keeps documents in line and looking sharp.

Did you know you can assign a View Template to a Schedule?  You can. Pretty smart that you can set some line weight and gridline and text settings. Well, mostly.


Turns out the Text Type that you assign to Title Text and Header Text and Body Text gets about 90% of the settings pushed through.

For some reason, the schedules have decided to ignore the Width Factor from the Type. It just leaves it at 1.

I know a lot of firms that like to squeeze info on there and have dialed their width factor down to .9. I know a couple that like to play with fire and have set it at .8! The maniacs!

Below is a screen grab showing simple annotation text on the top and to the right and the same word from a schedule; all three are using the same Text Type.

But... but... it's the same thing!

Whatever your level of text shrinkage, the schedules don’t care. This frustrates me. It poo-poos all over the idea of a View Template and leads to head scratching. I am already losing my hair, I don’t need bizarre incongruities like this leading to more hair loss.