Revit 2015 Update 2 – This Isn’t Confusing At All

Autodesk recently released Revit 2015 “R2” for subscription customers (sorry people who don’t like to write a check every year!) and while it has some nice features that I am looking forward to, the versioning of Revit 2015 to this point has become almost labyrinthine.

In the beginning…

First, there was Revit 2015. Makes sense, easy to remember.

Then we had Update Release 1. OK, I’m with you. Then Update Release 2, which was the “Security Update” because of Heartbleed.

It’s usually around this time that I start looking at creating my deployment. Hooray! Update Release 3! But when I add it to the deployment under Service Packs, it’s called “Revit 2015 Version 4” there. Um, OK. I’ll play along.

And now we have R2 (their words). And when I apply that to the deployment, it’s called “Revit 2015 Version 5” and after it gets installed, if you look at HELP > ABOUT, the version says “Update Release 4”.

Nice and consistent.

2 thoughts on “Revit 2015 Update 2 – This Isn’t Confusing At All

  1. Steve says:

    There was/is a web update 3 a little while ago, must have missed that one. So this 2015.1 (R2) is the fourth update since the original release of 2015.

  2. jkunkel says:

    So “Update 3” (which shows up as version 4 in the deployer) is different than “Web Update 3”? I agree that R2 is the fourth update that I can think of but the deployer dialog calls it Version 5. I’ve probably spent too long on this already but I feel like either I forgot how to count or they did.

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