My Revit Confession

I have a terrible confession to make.

I have never used the Revit Keynotes tool.

Maybe that wasn’t so “terrible”.

When we first started looking at Revit, it was strongly recommended that we AVOID the Keynotes. And after reading the workflow, we decided that was good advice.

But I never tried it out myself. I’m kind of scared at this point.

And now, years later, I still have never used it. I understand they have made some improvements over the years, and have decided it is now time to dive in and try it out for myself.

There are many things that I have trouble doing (touching my toes, for instance) and forcing myself out of my fear-based practices is one of them.

We have been told that it is a MUCH better experience when you get a keynote manager add-in. Although a 10 second Google search shows there is mainly only one player in that space. Oh! Maybe it’s time to dust off the old API and write something! Nah. Probably not.

So, wish me luck! I might come out the other side with a new found appreciation of an unused tool, or I might just get angry because I wasted two hours on something that still sucks!