Giant PDFs

This isn’t the first place this issue has been documented, nor will it be the last place, but it reared its monstrous ugly head the other day.

A Revit user was printing out individual PDFs from floor plans, and reported that the filesize was HUGE. I was dubious at the hugeness, so I grabbed a couple and took a look:

PDFs with huge filesizes
Whoa. Yeah, that’s a big PDF

OK. So maybe they were a little big.

Some of you probably already know the issue. It turns out, if you use a non-rectangular crop region and print a sheet, some PDF print drivers freak out, exploding your file size.

It feels like a lot of them are getting better, but these users were using a recent version of PDF Creator (because we really like the price) and still getting these results.

Printing the PDF again as a PDF seemed to trim a lot of the file size. Also using a “stepped” edge instead of an “angled” edge helped out as well. Which was weird.

Stepped edge crop region
Strange – smaller PDF
Angled crop edge
Weird – larger PDFs

Hopefully this will clear itself up eventually, and this post can be something we all can look back on and laugh and laugh and laugh.


4 thoughts on “Giant PDFs

  1. I’ve seen reports that using different PDF drivers or creator software has varying results. You may find more normal size PDF files if you try another one.

  2. Bluebeam has solved this issue with their PDF driver.

    And it’s the only real way to live 🙂

  3. You Bluebeam users are like some kind of cult!
    I actually have two PDF related issues, and both are apparently resolved with a higher end PDF driver. But oh, how I love free! Sadly, it might be time to start looking into a new paid solution.

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