Quick Tip – DWG Link Foreground vs Background

The default setting for linking in a DWG file is one of those things that consistently confuses my users for a couple seconds, and I’m with them. It’s a little obtuse.

First of all, you are linking and not importing, RIGHT?!

Secondly, this is also assuming you are linking your DWG to a single view, and not the entire project. This is not as crucial as NEVER IMPORTING, but we do recommend to our users that it is far easier to link a DWG into two or three views rather than linking it into the entire Revit model and then turning it off in the dozes of views where you don’t want to see it.

Many times when you link in your DWG, you just can’t see it. Quite often, it is hiding behind something in your model; a floor, a ceiling, etc. The default setting for that newly linked DWG is to put it behind everything. This can make it a little game of hide-and-go-seek.

Select that DWG, and you will see the “Draw Layer” parameter. Change it from “Background” to “Foreground” and it will lay on top of all your model content. You might want to click the BRING TO FRONT and BRING TO BACK buttons in the palette, but that just doesn’t work.


Or as Grover liked to say “Near……….far”


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