This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

I’ve had enough.

Sometimes you’re successful and you train users to avoid doing really stupid things with their models. Mistakes happen, absolutely, but for the most part everyone does what they are supposed to do. Hooray!

And then there’s Purge Unused.

What is it about this command that makes people ignore common sense and wipe out a project’s complete set of standards with one click?

We have explained time and time again how powerful a tool this is, and how DANGEROUS it is. Every few weeks, I get the call: “I think someone purged my model.”

It’s not hard to get most of the stuff back, the trick is remembering what you had and what you need. It’s like a scavenger hunt but you only got half of the list of items.

I’m in the process of updating my Add-ons for 2016. Most are going smoothly. I have decided to take this opportunity of programming time to crack open the sample program that lets me change what happens when a Revit command is clicked. My plan is to make a big disclaimer window pop up when a user clicks Purge Unused, followed by an “Are you sure?” prompt, followed by another “Are you sure?” prompt, and possibly then another one. Hopefully that will be enough to deter its usage, or at least its usage of simply clicking all the OKs and not being discriminating over what is getting purged.

After that, I think we will be saying good-bye to Insert DWG.


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