Quick Tip – In Place Families

At some point in your Revit model’s life, you (or someone) will have to create some content for it. For non-system families, you can either create a component from an external template or an in-place family.

You don’t want to use in-place families too often. While it is inevitable that you will have to use in-place families in a project, be selective in their use. If you create an in-place family and later decide that it should be a component family, there is absolutely no way to convert it (edit: see comments below for a great work-around for this). If you must use an in place family, do not duplicate it; you will be adding gobs of memory usage to your model without realizing it. If you are making something that is not going to be a single unique object, make it as a component family.

The big caveat (there is always at least one, usually there are 17) is that System Families must be in-place families. There is no way to make those loadable families.


3 thoughts on “Quick Tip – In Place Families

  1. cyclebabble says:

    I want to correct your statement about not being able to make an in-place family into a component family. There is a little hack that can push any in-place family to become a component family.

    1)Within your in-place family select your work and create a Group.
    2)Finish editing the Group within your in-place family but do not finish editing your family.
    3)Scroll down in your browser and find the Group you just created.
    4)Right-click on the group and look for Save Group.
    5)A dialogue will open to save. Notice that it is saving an .RFA.
    8)Enjoy your new family.

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