Scope Boxes Kind of Rock

Scope Boxes are one of those Revit features that gets overlooked a lot. They are pretty potent and can solve some issues in your model. Do a Google search and you will find some really good information on them. In no particular order, here are some quick tips that I use to introduce folks to them.

They are a great way to organize datum elements in phases. Grids and levels are phase agnostic; they exist through the entire timeline of your project. But how to organize them? We often use a Scope Box for existing and new phases (or whatever phases we have) that way we can keep them organized together and control their visibility in views easier.

You can control their visibility in views. Each Scope Box has its own setting that you can force them on or off in individual views. Just don’t forget you used this setting once you start doing it.

They can help divide up large plans. Very close to the Dependent View, you can create the limits of  a scope box and then assign views to that scope box. The crop region for those views will lock into the scope box size, so whenever you update the scope box, the crop region updates as well.

They are 3D! Don’t forget that they are 3d elements. A lot of times folks forget to control how high they go. If you use them properly in the Z plane, you can save yourself a lot of time down the road.

3 thoughts on “Scope Boxes Kind of Rock

  1. Nathan Mulder says:

    Scope boxes are great…I just wish we could schedule them in a view list for easy scope box application and verification.

  2. Jason Kunkel says:

    Totally agree. Didn’t even realize that you couldn’t but I am in the camp that thinks just about everything should be schedulable

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