New Revit Flavor Released

It’s fall, and it’s time for the usual round of updates, patches, and service packs to hit the street for Revit. This year is no exception.

Always trying to keep things exciting for users, Autodesk has just released a new version (or, “flavor” as many folks like to call it) of Revit to try to address some concerns of more casual users.


Revit 2016: Pumpkin Spice Edition is being described by Autodesk like this:

Immerse yourself in warm design decadence with the latest version of Revit. Spicy tools and warm view controls allow you to sink into the rich immersive environment of autumn designs.

While the write-up might be aimed more at the coffee-house Revit user, I am excited by some of the new features:

  • Carve your designs with more boolean tools
  • Scoop out the “guts” of your model to allow easier processing for 3d printing
  • Bake in parts of your rendering for faster processing later on

You can grab the new download here. I’d be curious to hear what everyone’s favorite new feature is!

(Big thanks to The CAD Geek for the idea behind this post after a visit to Starbuck’s – I told you I was gonna steal it.)



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