New Revit Tools Website Launched


As one of my tasks here at my new job, I have had the pleasure of hopping onto the development of a group of great Revit utilities. Granted, I hopped on at the 11th hour, but it’s still some really cool stuff, and I am so stoked to be part of it.

The Model Checker, Model Checker Configurator, COBie Extension, and Classification Manager are all potentially critical tools for your Revit workflow, and I have some exciting news: they’re all free!

It used to be a little tricky to track them all down, so we’ve launched a new website to house all the downloads, the help files, samples, how to’s, etc. Hop on over to to check everything out.

We have some webinars coming up over the next few weeks to go over some info on the tools, and we are working hard on 2.0 of the COBie Extension and Classification Manager, with some much requested additions. I’ll drop some tips and pointers on the blog as we get closer to launch.

So, go grab the utilities and let us know what you think!


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