That Time of Year

Just a quick non-technical note as we hit the time of year when everyone rushes to use all that extra annual leave up before they lose it…

I think it’s inevitable to get nostalgic this time of year, and as I get older I seem to fall into that pleasant trap as well.

As a kid, seeing what was under the tree was always exciting. For a string of years, it was inevitably a new cartridge or two for the good old Atari 2600 (did I date myself there? I know some of you old nerds are reminiscing with me.)

My favorite present of 1979!

My favorite present of 1979!

It’s been a long time since what was under the tree was the biggest memory of the year for me.

My 2015 was really good. I truly hope yours was as well. See you all in 2016!


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