Equal Spacing Trick

No, not THAT equal spacing trick. Well, it is that one, but it’s a tweak on it. It’s not ONLY that one.

Recently, I was having a nice chill Q&A session on Revit families and we, of course, starting talking about things other than families. A user had an issue where she wanted her windows equally spaced. Yeah, we all know the EQ trick on the dimensions. You dimension a bunch of items, click the EQ toggle and Revit magically does math and spaces them all the same distance.

It's Magic!!!
It’s Magic!!!

But she didn’t actually want that. She wanted the space BETWEEN the windows to be equal. And no math.

Luckily, we came up with a solution. We had to start with a reference plane the width of the windows past the end of the wall. And then, instead of dimensioning to the center of the windows, we dimensioned to the edge, and included the reference plane. The plane was kind of like a phantom window, so when we hit EQ, it all lined up!


Not the traditional way, but way easier than doing a bunch of math!



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