Tiny Windows and Graphics Cards

Recently saw a Tweet from Tom Whitehead concerning a teeny tiny window that showed up in his Revit. While it wasn’t EXACTLY like a problem that has been occurring over the last few years, it looked awful close to a problem that has come up with Revit and desktop management software like nView and Hyrdavision.

I dropped Tom a quick note to test out my hunch, and it turns out that yes, nView was the culprit.

So what exactly is going on here? Honestly, I’m not really sure, and there hasn’t been an official fix from Autodesk; they have a page that outlines a less destructive fix than I do, but if I can take a hammer to something, I’m gonna take a hammer to it. But if you are using Hyrdavision or nView, you might see these random tiny windows. Traditionally, they have been the size of a postage stamp, with mainly just the X close button, and the tiny window is usually sitting in the middle of Revit.

Disabling nView or Hydravision seems to alleviate the tiny window syndrome (T.W.S. for short). When installing new graphics drivers, I will typically go the “custom” route and just not install either of those features and skip the hassle of having to disable them later on.

The earliest I have seen mention of this issue online is 2009, and that is probably close to when I first saw it as well. It’s stupid, and it’s annoying, but at least it’s easy to fix.

4 thoughts on “Tiny Windows and Graphics Cards

  1. Richard Linsky says:

    I just encountered this issue after updating my NVIDIA driver. I use nView, and the update solved some problems with Excel but also caused the TWS in Revit 2015. I found that disabling the nView features for Revit.exe solved the tiny window problem while also allowing me to keep nView running for my other apps. Just an FYI in case you want to use nView.

  2. Jason Kunkel says:

    Good to know you can be that granular in the nView control. I would assume you can do the same in Hydravision?

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