Quick Tip – Architectural Columns

Does the material in your Architectural Columns look strange? Chances are, they automatically JOINED to a wall.

Architectural Column families will adopt the material of the wall that they are joined to. If you don’t want that material, you can just UNJOIN the column from the wall and it will revert back to the material you gave it when you created it.

If you can plan ahead, you can edit it and uncheck the AUTOMATICALLY JOINS GEOMETRY TO WALLS parameter in the Family Category and Parameters before you place it.

4 thoughts on “Quick Tip – Architectural Columns

  1. Tony says:

    Will “switching” joined geometry also work? UNJOINing geometry can be dangerous because it will also unjoin any/all other intersecting elements… some of which you may not want unjoined.

  2. Jason Kunkel says:

    I think you would have to “switch” the column to something else and then it’s just gonna suck up those materials. I should have been more clear – you want to do the Unjointed tool on the column, not the wall. That column shouldn’t be joined to too much. You will have some graphics cleanup to do, but at least the material will be correct.

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