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It’s been a bit longer than I like since I’ve made a post here. In truth, I’ve been putting a lot of my posting effort over on, beefing up the technical posts on that site. It’s been fun, but I have missed dropping a note or two over here.

I figured there’s not much need to offer up Revit tips, but there are certainly tech and industry related things I’d like to write about, things that don’t fit in over at the other site.

I’ve been doing a lot of webinars lately, and for the presenter it is an odd way to present. It took a couple runs, but I finally don’t feel TOO weird talking to an empty room, and pretending there are people there. It also took me a couple runs to finally get a setup that makes me feel confident in presenting online. I had to steal a neighbor’s monitor, but he hasn’t noticed that it’s missing yet.

Above is what I see when I present. The left most monitor, the laptop, is the actual screen that is being presented. I found that some programs can throw me some graphics glitches when GoToWhatever is running and the program is not on the primary monitor. So anything on that screen gets shown. I typically also dial down my resolution a bit when I present.

Working our way right, the first stand alone monitor I have split: the left half shows me the PowerPoint presenter view with my notes, upcoming slide, etc. But even if I am mainly doing a software demo, I keep that running because it has a big clock on it. Next to that is OneNote that has the outline of the presentation I am doing, to make sure I hit all the key points.

On the table next to that monitor is my Cthulhu mug… Always good to have an Elder One keeping an eye on you.

The landscape oriented monitor has a couple of functions. I keep most of the GoTo windows open there including the chat window, the questions window, the audience view window, and then the main menu so I can click the record button, or make sure my audio is going through. If I have multiple programs to demo, I will also keep them open and cascaded on top of each other so I can just drag and drop them onto the presentation monitor when I need them. I prefer that over Alt-Tab or Windows-Tab. I always seem to miss the program I want when I Tab through. This gives me a lot more control. THen typically I just close the program when I am done with it.

So that’s my layout. If you need to do online presentations, maybe you can grab something from this. Does it justify me having three monitors? Probably not. But it does make it easier for me to keep an eye on everything I need to when I’m in my room talking to nobody. 

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