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I’m that guy who has a lot of apps on my phone. “Oh, that might be neat,” I say to myself and I download an app. And then I don’t use it but I don’t uninstall it because I might use it. But then I don’t. But I still don’t uninstall it.

I’m not as bad with my Revit Add-ins, but I do have a lot. This is what my add-in bar looks like.


A lot of the get scrunched up at the end. Now, I look at these and there are a lot that I have only used once and will probably never use again, but I just can’t part with them (I’m looking a you, Revit DB Link).

To top it off, I do a lot of presentations and webinars now on the BIM Interoperability Tools and I really would love those to be front and center in my bar and not the fly-out when I have to talk about them. Luckily there is an easy fix to tell Revit how to get these reshuffled.

I took a look at one of the locations where my add-ins get installed,  C:\ProgramData\Autodesk\Revit\Addins\2017 and saw if I could find a correlation between the add-ins and how they showed up in my bar. After one quick glance it looked like Revit just goes through the add-ins alphabetically and loads them up.


Well, figured I’d give it a shot. I did some renaming to move what I wanted first up the list and what I rarely used down the list. It ended up looking like this:


But would it work? I fired up Revit, and yup. My add-ins were reordered the way I wanted them to show up. A really easy work around to get my interface to be the way I wanted it to.


A couple notes: is this a hack? No. It’s a simple renaming of files, but it’s probably not officially supported. It shouldn’t mess anything up, except when I go to uninstall any of those add-ins, it might not be able to find the .addin file until I rename it back. Also remember that there are a couple places that Revit can put your .addin file, so you might need to do a little alphabetical juggling when you rename your .addin file. The two primary locations are:



So, if you need to move your buttons around, hopefully this little tweak will help you out.


3 thoughts on “Revit Add-in Order

  1. Matt Mason says:

    Jason – good article, you’re right on.
    The other interesting thing that the order of addins can influence is the stability or predictability of the addins. Because addins often register “event handlers” to get notified (and potentially modify the behavior) when certain things happen in Revit. The order that they register is the order that they get notified.

    Last year we found out why out addin (which starts with a “C”) was not working sometimes. It turned out that someone else’s addin (who starts with an “A”) had registered the same event as us, their code was greedily grabbing the event and dealing with it their way – and we never saw the event.

    We told them, they fixed it, no big deal. But it was a tough issue to track down, and the more addins you have, the more potential you have for this issue.

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